Tameside Huskies

The Field

We have been lucky to have had this field for around 2 years now. When we first found it, it was a derelict waste land. After cleaning up the field which took approx. 9 months, we sourced the owner who kindly made it fully secured and allowed Tameside Huskies to rent it.
There is so much to do and see on the field for the dogs. A very large open area which laid to grass. Within this to keep the dogs entertained we have created an obstacle course.
Around the perimeter is extra-long grass. Dogs love to run through this and play tag. You just see the top of the grass heads moving it is so thick and dense.
Within the middle of the field is a dense forest of trees and vegetation. It provides a very cool setting on the warmer months. Dogs love to run through the forest and dodge the trees. Hidden within is more obstacle courses for the dogs and we also have our very own ‘Go Husky’ – a take on the ‘Go Ape’ adventures.
We have full insurance should anything untoward occur. We finally offer a selection of drinks and doggy grooming on the field. All profits to the field are donated to 8 Below Husky Rescue.